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Thursday, 19 July 2012


Each and everyone of us expresses gratitude and thanks, for positive things that have impacted us in our everyday lives and also for the sad events which eventually have either made us view the bigger picture in a better light and perspective, or made us stop for a moment from the hustle and bustle, to think and remind ourselves what really is important to us.

Oh and good news, whether it be at work or at home, always raises the spirit and gives us a second wind that fills our sails with great and mighty gusto! (and no, I'm not talking about being famous)

What am I grateful for today?  Technology.  

What sets us apart from history and how they lived their daily lives, is the advancement of technology which has bound us closer together in more tightly knit communities, whether these are families, ethnic groups, units and departments at work or decision makers in governments. Those within these communities don't always necessarily gel, co-operate or share the same views but the communication within, is dramatically made more effective with the efficient use of computers, smart phones, ipads and tablets which enable us to use emails and social networking groups, just to name a couple.

We are fortunate to have this technology at our disposal, at our fingertips.

To be able to keep up-to-date with technology and the ever evolving way we communicate with each other and browse the world.wide.web, it is vital for any organisation to invest in the most up-to-date technology. To be involved with stakeholders or groups who have more advanced technology, can create a barriers and communication could never be the best that it can be.

And we want to be the best that we can be right?

Oh and those who refuse to accept change, the advancement of technology and the neat gadgets it brings?  Quite simply - keep up or be prepared to maybe miss the bus or train, whichever you prefer.

For natural disaster management, technology will be our advantage.  Did you know that there is a NZ Civil Defence facebook page and a twitter page?

Twitter - NZ Civil Defence

These pages aim to keep us informed with regular updates. And if the updates are not so regular, that's great news, as no news is good news!  Nothing to report means no natural disasters. To be able to read messages also, rather than to listen to someone conveying a message over the phone or radio during an emergency, is more effective as it removes emotion in an emergency situation and those who are hearing impaired are not placed at a disadvantage.

To lock and load these facebook and twitter links for yourselves into your phone or computer, may one day prove to be useful.

My last workplace held theme days, to one of which was 'do what you say you will.' I still have that badge. Today, someone quoted this phrase and reminded me how important this is. We all know it, but do we actually practice it?

Of course many of you already do - no doubt about that, give or take, given the constraints of time and the hours in a day.

We are proudly known as a DIY country. That's the Kiwi way. We could also aspire to be a do what you say you will country. It builds trust, commitment and confidence within communities.

So lets do what we say we will and get your natural disaster emergency plan sorted when we said we would prepare one....remember?

...before the sands through the hour glass runs out...excuse the pun!

And lastly, (July is here already??) I'm sure all the kiddies expressed their gratitude for this winter wonderland smack bang in the middle of Aotea exciting, I wonder what's next?

Keep warm everyone!

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