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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Go Team!

In the wake of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, New Zealand can be immensely proud of their achievements from Mahe Drysdale to Lisa Carrington to Valerie Adams and her controversial gold medal rewarded after the disqualification of the competitor from Belarus.  I knew it.  Just one glance was all it took to realise. Touching medal ceremony at the Cloud in Auckland yesterday and wasn't it great to see John Hawkesby....remember him?? Not forgetting Sophie Pascoe, what a champion, now she's inspiring...way to go Kiwis!
The dynamics of any team can be described as camaraderie, goodwill and fellowship. A common focus to achieve the same goal successfully to be the BEST that you can be whether it was an individual effort or a team effort for the country or wider team.  I recently said there was no I in team and someone countered that and said there is a M and an E = ME. Who takes the credit, you or the team for work done?  The team of course but also important to deservedly acknowledge your own contribution. 

Who ever you are, where ever you are, no doubt you are currently part of a team, big or small.  Family, work or sport, you name it, teams are defined locally and globally.  

But what happens when members of a large team turn on each other and conflict arises within? The team's performance is affected, efforts are hampered and in the end the entire team suffers along with its reputation. Along the way competing teams zoom ahead and the disharmony creates a load difficult to progress forward.  Thirty years later, still in the same spot.

Sometimes thinking about what's best for the team, and not so much for yourself can boost the team's progress further forward than expected.  Admittedly it is a juggle though, what's best for you and what's best for the team is no mean feat by any measure! Of course within reason absolutely, not forsaking your morals, culture, religion or passions, please.

What ever you decide to do, you must try this next TEAM effort and you still have time (better late than never)!  Sign up today for the New Zealand ShakeOut earthquake drill, the first one of its kind in any country. So far more that 1.1 million people, and counting, throughout NZ have registered and will participate in the ShakeOut drill at 9.26 am on Wednesday, 26 September 2012.

Register today here: as part of a Get Ready Get Thru Civil Defence earthquake drill

I've registered, and so could you.  Go on you know you so don't want to do it, but still should.  What an awesome initiative and first country too, that's pretty cool for something that's not so cool!

The year is steam-rolling ahead, zoom, it's nearing the end of September after an August hiatus...and so begins the season Spring.  Winter is not leaving but without a fight.

Beginning to think about those team building or Christmas functions for your TEAM? Our team is thinking about a lawn bowls excursion as a team building exercise, my neighbour's awesome idea.  Should be fun (if the team decides that is)...prizes for best team uniforms even.

You don't have to play lawn bowls if you don't want to? You could be a judge or official or you could play petanque instead?  What ever you decide to do, it's all about participating in team spirit.

Happy Spring everyone:)


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