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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Natural Disasters

My first ever blog will attempt not to scare people at all but to remind us in Auckland, and in all parts of the world where ever you are, not to become complacent.  I’m a thirty something Aucklander, who works full time, concerned about earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions in light of what has happened recently in the world, in our own Christchurch, Japan and in places in the Pacific  It forced me to ask myself, am I ready for a natural disaster here in Auckland?  I would say probably not.  Just this week we had a momentary electricity outage for about 30 minutes. A strange feeling of panic engulfed me as I struggled to find even a lighter or matches (we don’t smoke) to light the candles.  In fact, we had to go outside to the gas barbeque, light that up to get a flame, to light the candles.  God help us if there was a real disaster.  I need to prepare myself better.  But where do I start?  Here's a start: Auckland Civil Defence or

I’ve asked a lot of my friends at work if they were ready.  About 90% said no, but had thought about it.  Others said they had a few bottles of bottled water in the garage.  Some said they would be getting an emergency kit ready soon.  If we think about it soon is probably too late. These results are dismal!  From the footage of the devastation seen on TV we must get ready.  Hey, I'm in no way predicting a disaster in Auckland anytime soon, but what have we got to lose by spending time to prepare ourselves just in case?

Lets be honest.  In Auckland or where ever you are in the world, how ready are you?