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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year 2012!

Are you kidding me.  The new year has started already?

If 2011 was anything to go by....brace yourself people.  Let your instincts reign supreme and let your senses be on the alert.

I'm not talking about that issue you had during 2011 which may have seemed like the end of the world at the time - you know the one which consumed your mind completely.  You know what I'm talking about right.  That issue or perhaps minor/major change which turned everything upside down, inside out, but in the end you came through it right?  A bit ruffled and shell-shocked but you survived.  BTW thanks Dr Spencer Johnson for writing the book 'Who Moved My Cheese.'  It was a tremendous help to me during 2011.

I'm talking about the sobering reality of the recent earthquakes still haunting the people of Christchurch.  Really Mother Nature and a couple of days before Christmas?  If Christmas wasn't already stressful enough.

Did you know earlier tonight 1/1/12 at 10.05 pm, another earthquake struck Christchurch. This was the third one of the day.  Details can be found at the following link:

I think you'd all agree, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Christchurch for enduring the wrath of natural disasters during 2011 and now on the first day of 2012. Are they aftershocks or small ones leading up to the big one I wonder? You'd think by now man would have been able to predict such natural disasters or be able to press a magic button to counter the devastation.  Only in Hollywood.  What would Steven Speilberg do? Forgive me for the very dry humour, but it pretty much sums up how ridiculous this is all getting right?!

Still, what doesn't break you makes you stronger, more resilient and tougher ready for the next challenge.  Stay safe Christchurch!

It has now come to that time of year when those New Years resolutions are ignited or reignited if you didn't succeed in 2011.  But for me the natural disasters put everything into perspective.  My New Years resolutions seem trivial, even silly when I think that people in Christchurch are in constant survival mode.

Oh, not to mention the weird and not-so-wonderful rain most parts of the country have experienced recently.  Here in Auckland the rain dampened the holiday spirit somewhat but check out what it did to Nelson...

Not so somewhat in Nelson.  'Mud seeking shelter' and 'men in trees.' (Photos courtesy of

So, what are your New Years resolutions?  Weightloss, hopes, dreams, dream partner, being debt-free or financial success?  I've got one to add to the list, a bit off the beaten track. Take a guess.  YES... spend more time planning, starting or working on a disaster plan!  We are fortunate in Auckland, as are all parts of NZ, to have agencies such as NZ Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management and Auckland Council who are working collaboratively who can assist with your plan.  They are well resourced and ready for you.

The information is out there ready for you to collect.  We just need to get a move on.  So Aucklanders or where ever you are in the world, add 'Natural Disaster Plan' to your list of New Years Resolutions 2012.  What have you got to lose?

So bring on 2012 I say....oh have you heard of Myanism and the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar?  Now that's another story - I'd recommend watching the movie '2012' if you haven't.

All the very best for 2012 and hopefully we never need to look to Hollywood for inspiration to address the seriousness of natural disasters.