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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Leading the Way

Leadership can be described in different ways.  For a diverse many, the definition varies. What does leadership mean to you?

The power of leadership influences people and takes them on a journey giving them guidance, direction and purpose with a sense of achievement.  Leadership empowers others to achieve great aspirations and their wisdom inspires a team to perform through thick and thin with a unified purpose.  They lead by example, have vision, are effective at communicating and are great at teaching.  Young potential leaders are groomed by their peers to develop these skills that become refined over the years.

"Serve the people!" said a respected notable leader in the Auckland community.

Leadership can also mean ourselves individually as leaders, as we are all leading our own lives with our attitudes, choices, behaviour, the list goes on and on....

So how can we help lead the way with preparedness for natural disaster management?

I challenge you to ask others or at least one person, if they have thought about or have prepared themselves for a natural disaster.  Just mention it as an off the cuff, light conversation topic type of question without sounding all doom and gloom about the context of the question.  The end of the world? (Laughing) No, just a thought.  And that's all it is.
Oh and if you need to - ask yourself first.  How prepared are YOU?

By ourselves leading the way and taking control, we may even inspire others....or most likely create apprehension in those who live inside the box, who fear thinking outside the box.  It's just one of those things.  

Innovative thinking is the way of tomorrow and Auckland should embrace this concept wholeheartedly and make plans future-proofing for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.  It's not always about today.

Leading the way Auckland.....


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