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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy Autumn April

Wow.  If you thought February was freaky, check out what happened during Wild and Wilful March!  And you know I'm not just talking about the weather...

On a more serious note, the rest of February saw national acknowledgement and tribute for the anniversaries of both the Christchurch earthquake and the Japan tsunami, in remembrance of innocent lives lost in the devastation.  It was a very sad reminder of the harsh reality of natural disasters, but also a reminder that you can move forward, however difficult the future challenges.

The weather transitioned seamlessly into the month of March with a continued barrage of wild and wilful rain, wind and storms not only here in Auckland but also more dramatically in Whangarei, Northland and the capital Wellington.....though it seemed to calm at the end of the month with much needed sunshine to warm the hearts of a storm-swept population and to dry out the exhaustion - which even saw some sneak off to warmer climates for rest and recreational time off.

Today is the first day of April and daylight savings and it's almost a sense of whew, an opportunity to start a fresh month leaving all the drama of March behind with an extra hour to recharge the battery.

The aftermath of any natural disaster will leave behind phenomenal damage, some things repairable, other things beyond repair.  They say that from every adversity there is an equal or greater miracle to be experienced.  But what miracles can be drawn from such devastation?  Many would argue none.  Others may say it's the outpouring acts of humanity and compassion that people share with each other when helping and caring for others, even with complete strangers.  

Natural disasters affect everyone exactly the same.  It seems to wash away all the prejudices, meanness and selfishness that is prevalent in society.  It's that human factor that strengthens communities. It perhaps reminds you what really is important as you never know when you may need help.

There is that attitude 'if it's gonna happen, it will, there is nothing I can do about it...let it be, let it be, let it be....there isn't going to be time to flee, what's the point of preparedness.'

But what if you had time?

Whatever you decide to do with regard to preparedness for a natural disaster, it's totally up to you.  But just think, the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to rely on others perhaps?

On a better note, the weather prediction for April looks great - in fact beautiful fine weather with no rain, thunder or storms for Auckland.  Yeah right.

There's actually a tropical storm due to hit for Easter long weekend so just a heads up everyone, especially those planning to travel within New Zealand.

Happy Autumn April everyone!

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