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Sunday, 30 October 2011

What's in your emergency kit?

The basics in your survival kit is set out clearly by Civil Defence - Get Ready, Get Thru.  These items include the following:

  • torches;
  • portable battery powered radio;
  • non-perishable food (enough for 3 days or more) - canned food, dried food, long-life milk, special dietary requirements;
  • can opener (manual);
  • water (at least 3 litres per person per day);
  • plastic storage containers and plastic bags;
  • emergency toilet: plastic pail, toilet paper, large rubbish bags;
  • first aid kit or items to top up kit;
  • essential medicines;
  • wind and waterproof clothing;
  • sun hats, sunscreen, insect repellant;
  • strong outdoor shoes;
  • blankets or sleeping bags;
  • face and dust masks;
  • primus or gas barbeque;
  • baby's emergency items: food, formula and drink, change of clothing and nappies;
  • pet supplies;
  • toiletries; and 
  • getaway kit - a small bag with essential items in case you have to leave in a hurry.

These are the basic essentials.  But what about the personal items, such as family photographs, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, jewellery, etc, do you know where these are?  All in one place ready to grab in a few seconds?  Hopefully by now you have copied all your photos on to a memory stick.  The 8 GB memory storage sticks are great.  Any other treasures?  Of course you need to figure out now exactly what you would consider your treasure.  Everyone's treasure is personal.

However at the end of the day, in an actual emergency, a life takes precedence over your treasures.  That's universal law of common sense.

Lastly, I've stumbled upon a great choice of food to include in your kit.  It's the Cookie Time One Square Meal bar.  Check it out, support 'New Zealand Made' - oh and they have chocolate now too!

So there you are, those of you reading this may not have your kit ready, but at least now you are thinking about it right and hey, that's a start.

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